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Apart from the Cogmaster courses, whose content is on schoology, the material of all my courses is accessible from the lab server.

Example of a course given at the Brain, Cognition, Behavior and Technology summerschool, organized by Paul Verschure in Barcelona, in September 2019

Current courses

Since 2020Univ. Paris-Saclay (Orsay)Master 2 of Computational Neuro. & Neuro-Engineering
Course coordinator: V. Ego-Stengel
Reinforcement Learning, Neuroscience & Robotics applications (Lecture: 3h)
Since 2019Univ. Lyon 2Master 2 of Cognitive Sciences
Course coordinator: G. Plancher
Robotic modelling approaches to Cognitive Sciences (Lecture: 3h)
Since 2019AgroParisTech5th year of Engineering school
Course coordinator: N. Darcel
Reinforcement learning and dopamine (Lecture: 3h)
Since 2015Paris Science Lettres (PSL/ENS)CogMaster
Course coordinators: M. Khamassi & B. Girard
Robotic modelling approaches to Cognitive Sciences (Lectures: 12h + Supervision)
Since 2014Sorbonne University (ex UPMC), Master 2 of Computer Science (ANDROIDE)
Course coordinator: N. Bredèche
Neuro-inspired reinforcement learning (Lecture: 2h + Project supervision)

Past courses

See CV.